While we treat upwards of 1,500 patients a year at the Seabird Station, there are a few cases where patients are in otherwise good health, but can’t be released back into the wild due to a permanent injury or missing/damaged eye, which renders them unable to hunt or escape dangerous situations. We have 15 non-releasable birds that range from American White Pelicans, to Eastern Screech Owls, and 1 non-releasable Virginia Opossum which we use for educational purposes. These permanent residents act as ambassadors by helping us understand more about wildlife and how humans have impacted the animal kingdom.

Adopt-a-possum from Pelican Harbor Seabird Station Includes:

  • An 8” x 10” photograph of your adopted Opossum

  • A copy of your Opossum’s story

  • A certificate of adoption

  • An invitation to see your Opossum at the PHSS facility

  • Tax-exempt donation receipt letter

  • The honor of knowing you’ve helped to feed an Opossum for a year 


ADOPT bruce

An adult male Virginia Opossum that came to us as an orphan with a neurological issue permanently affecting his back legs.

A very special thank you to The Miami Foundation and the MIchele & Agnese Cestone Foundation for their support of the Ambassador Animal Program.